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Shakshuka- Classic to modern

Poaching eggs in aromatic sauces, breakfast, lunch or dinner


Shakshouka is a funny name for tender poached eggs in a whole world of different sauces. 

In this session we'll demonstrate the classic North African version as well as explore our touch on a green sauce with spinach, herbs & lemon zest. 

Modern or classic, every Shakshouka needs a soft bread for dipping. So, we'll be making a pan baked flat bread as well. 

Dan will also give us his pro tips on styling, lighting and composition, for the perfect social media food- photo. 


Session Line up – 1.5 hours total 

Difficulty level - easy. 


5 minute introduction 

Pan flatbread- Greek style Souflaki, baked in the pan. 

Red Shakshoukah – soft poached eggs in aromatic tomato & pepper sauce. 

Israeli Salad- raw summer vegetables in lemon & olive oil.

 Green Shakshoukah- soft poached eggs in a creamy spinach sauce with herbs & lemon zest. 

Serving and tasting. 

Summary – emphasis on the techniques we learnt, questions and overall impressions.